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Reduce training time by 30% using Internal Knowledge Bots For Customer Care Agents


This is a case study of one of the leading Insurance clients globally.

Use Case: Knowledge Chatbots For Customer Care Agents for our Insurance client.

Challenges: Our customer generates exhaustive information that is maintained as process trees, training material etc. and is difficult for the customer-facing staff to remember the same. This information is also dynamically changing due to various business needs and is a constant challenge for the training teams to manage and update the material and users which results in bad customer experience. Bank wants to provide an online web based solution that can act as the single repository of information that can be maintained and accessible to end users as a simple query response-based assistance system.



We provided the team with an assistant interface, a chat bot, that will be available on the landing page for the customer support agent. When the agent types a query in the chat box, a quick and suitable response is provided depending on the question. As a feedback to the response, we also provided them with thumbs up and thumbs down icon to record the positive and negative feedback respectively. This is done to improve future responses.


As a fall-back option, we also provided the company with a Live Agent Chat which is primarily operated by a human to handle responses in case the bot fails to provide information. This interface allows the customer support user to ask queries to the live agent and receive the required information.


The extensive data that is currently maintained as a process tree, training materials, knowledge base, etc. are encapsulated as a single knowledge base by connecting the underlying systems through APIs.


The analytics dashboard in data management platform will be useful for administrators to monitor and track the usage of the bot. It will provide insightful information which can be used to control and configure the journeys and other information of the bot to improve the overall experience. For admins, this interface can be used to make changes/updates like branch codes, processes, view daily sessions per user, etc.

Akshada Benke

Senior content developer- Marketing

Akshada Benke is a content marketer at with more than twelve years of experience in digital content marketing field. She describes herself as a Philomath. She is confident & professional in developing strong consumer-insights driven goals to build brand and relationships.

Results & Impact:

  • User training time reduced by 30%

  • Improved NPS score by 10%

  • By implementing the Engagely AI Chatbot, our customers are able to reduce their support costs by 30-50%.

  • A user-friendly and easy to use query-response based assistant bot platform for the agent to retrieve quick resolutions to the requests made

  • Having a single repository reduces the support time to as low as 2 minutes. This is achieved due to the Engagely bot’s ability to provide quick and accurate responses.