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What a power-packed year 2022 was! The new initiatives started in 2022 have already begun to give us the results that we had planned for. We must say that all our teams have been incredible to pull off the spectacular results. 

Now since we have entered into another exciting year, we reminisce about the amazing events and fantabulous activities that helped us achieve greater heights- all this while constantly keeping us on our feet last year and gear ourselves with a newfound strength.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of what helped us enter into the new year with great success in sight. 

The Revamped Website Launch

Website launch banner
Unveiling of website look

This was one of the most exciting events for last year. Engagely launched a newly revamped website which is located at the same address as before – The content focused on our improved product portfolio provides a more comprehensive understanding of our offerings and transformative platform features. 

Roundtables With Microsoft & Workshops with NTT DATA For Sales Enablement

Workshops with partners spread across Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand were extremely helpful in growing the relationships with our partners and meeting new connections last year. 

Several amazing roundtables, workshops & partner programs with our key partners Microsoft and NTT will surely help us in the long run. During these events, discussions around the current global market scenario, strategy to scale growth, way forward with the partners, and beyond were found incredibly insightful and valuable. It was indeed a pleasure being a part of these events.

We’re excited and eagerly looking forward to driving and being part of many more such insightful conversations and further scaling this partnership with Microsoft in 2023 & beyond.

The New Work Culture Adaptability- One Of The Key Highlights Within The Team

Work from home remained elevated post pandemic for many companies. Engagely was not an exception too. However, the hybrid work culture model was soon introduced which led to an immense flexibility and productivity within the organization while building a strong virtual presence throughout the year. On the other side, physical presence in the office at defined intervals encouraged more opportunities of knowledge-sharing, team building, greater social opportunities, and more innovation. 

Truly An Event Packed Year- A Mix Of Virtual & Live Events 

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, most of the workplace norms were changed. But the measure of what makes a great workplace didn’t. Several amazing employee engagement activities drove a great boost within our teams. 

Here are the key ones that made the difference:

1. The Award Ceremony- Recognition Of Every Achievement & Milestone

Making our employees feel appreciated has always been our great priority. The award ceremony took place to award the employees that made a difference and made a direct impact on the business. 

2. Yoga Day Celebration & Healthcare Awareness Session

An hour dedicated to an online Yoga session and its benefits with a Level 3 Yoga Therapist proved to be of immense value and help. Another health awareness session aimed to support and encourage health wellness, fitness of employees and fostering their wellbeing.

3. Photography Contest

Winning entries of photography contest

Since “e” has been an integral part of engagely’s journey, employees were encouraged to look at nature and surroundings and find the letter “e” in the most unexpected and unique way. And the entries were beyond words and imaginations, literally!     

Here are the magnificent winning shots that are unique in their own ways.

4. Festival Celebrations- More Opportunities to Bond with The Team 

Engagely is a team of creative minds, and enthusiasts who enjoy the triumphs at the fullest– and the ideal time to see this happen was during festive celebrations. This certainly has been the key to our healthier, happier, and engaged workplace in the long run.

5. Team Lunch-Dinners Turned into Team Building Endeavors

The simple yet effective get-togethers helped us develop intimacy and bonds between employees while building higher performing, more cohesive teams. Meeting and eating together at certain intervals did wonders for our work culture and helped our teams stay connected on a deeper level.


Engagely has always strived hard to simplify business communication workflows with the unmatched contextual intelligence and transformative CX automation solutions.

In the coming year, we aim to help enterprises across the globe to automate and streamline their CX workflows by catering to all their business and customer support needs. 

Along with this, we have successfully created our own niche into new and sizable areas such as Healthcare RCM in 2022. Happy to share that we have created amazing inroads into this space with some of the top global RCM companies.

We look forward to creating more success stories with our unified, easy-to-use, no code yet a very powerful platform augmented with Voice AI and contact center analytics with intelligence- and all this while reducing costs, improving customer & employee satisfaction, and driving top-line business growth like never before.

Along with this, solving customer pain points through our platform and ensuring customer success is going to be our topmost priority in 2023. 

We are thankful to our valued customers and partners for their invaluable support to and will look forward to the same in this year.

Happy New Year 2023!!!.

Akshada Benke

Senior content developer- Marketing

Akshada Benke is a content marketer at with more than twelve years of experience in digital content marketing field. She describes herself as a Philomath. She is confident & professional in developing strong consumer-insights driven goals to build brand and relationships.