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How To Choose The Right Contact Center Solution For Your Insurance Company? 

For insurers, providing convenient, consistent, and speedy support while delivering an empathetic customer experience is immensely critical.  

From customer onboarding to timely reminders and notifications to claim settlement, insurers are expected to deliver the highest level and mainly sentiment-driven experience at every opportunity. However, siloed legacy systems and manual CX (customer experience) workflows can pose significant barriers for insurers to meet customer and business requirements.  

Hence, it is crucial for insurance companies to upgrade their traditional call centers and embrace top contact center software for overcoming CX challenges and making the most out of their customer support center.  

What Is A Cloud Contact Center Solution? 

In simple words, contact center software allows you to manage all your inbound and outbound customer communications across leading enterprise channels—including voice calls, email, social media, and Web chat with improved customer experience, better agent productivity, and exceptional business outcomes- all this with reduced operational costs.   

How Does AI-Powered Contact Center Software Help Insurance Key Use Cases? 

Here are the primary insurance use cases for which cloud contact center solutions can provide tangible results quickly and offer room to scale in the future. 

1. Product Discovery 

66% of customers expect brands to be able to understand and meet their personal needs and expectations- Salesforce 

Contact center automation helps your customers right from exploring the products that suit best their needs while coming up with personalized recommendations basis the user’s digital behavior and sophisticated algorithms.  

2. Policy Purchase 

AI-powered contact center solution further helps you with smooth customer onboarding. From documentation to issuing the policy to updating end-to-end policy information in internal systems, automation takes care of everything. This significantly reduces the amount of time and manual work required for it. 

3. Renewals & Cancellations  

Renewal automation protects the existing business by identifying renewals at risk before customers switch to a competitor or preventing them from discontinuing their policies. This also helps in building and maintaining customer relationships in the long term.

4. Claim Related Assistance 

Fast and efficient claims processing is paramount to the success of any insurance company.  

However, high dependency on resource-intensive manual processes makes claims arduous and time-consuming & thereby leads to customer frustration. Wherein, AI-powered contact center software typically eliminates manual documentation, data entry, and more to save you countless hours with improved agent productivity.   

5. FAQ Automation  

This helps you delight your customers with real-time resolutions to customer support issues while enabling them to self-serve. This can greatly save your agents’ time and efforts in mundane tasks and allow them to focus on more productive work. The cloud contact center allows you to automate repetitive customer queries to scale up CSAT with zero wait time and improved average handling time.  

6. Customer Feedback 

Timely feedback can help you improve customer experience, and make processes more efficient, and business more profitable. Intelligent automation helps you radically improve your NPS by collecting feedback from your customers in a conversational manner.  

And now, if you are still reading this content piece, it means you are looking to further deep dive into what’s more in there with the cloud contact center.   

So let me get a little blunt here and get to the point directly!  

While there are several contact center softwares available in the market, it is crucial to consider the key features of a cloud contact center solution before finalizing the one.  

Here we will help you learn about a few must-have features of a cloud contact center solution that can be considered the most efficient ones in keeping the current CX needs and trends.    

  • Omnichannel Presence Is The Soul 

It is important that you go for the one poised to handle the array of leading enterprise channels that the next generation demands.  

Brands using three or more channels in a campaign saw a 287% higher purchase rate than campaigns using only one channel- Omnisend 

Yes, Omnichannel presence is the primary and must have the feature of an efficient cloud contact center solution. Customer support has become the norm, which further intensifies the need for cross-channel integration. Insurers in competitive markets need to have a platform that allows them to deliver highly effective experiences that span across the leading enterprise channels-that too with seamless context switching and without a break in the customer interaction. 

  • Automatic Call Distribution- Just Another Level Of Intelligence 

Automatic call distribution (ACD) helps in routing inbound calls to a specific agent in call centers and contact centers. This allows connecting the customer to the right agent for the call based on various factors like the nature of the query, agent skills, and customer profile. This significantly improves the average handling time of the query and the customer experience, of course!  

  • Integration With Legacy Applications 

Normally, insurance companies rely heavily on legacy apps and various programs and systems for managing business operations. Implementation of new software often requires replacement of the existing hardware and employee retraining — which can be substantial investments of time and money. Due to these worries, many insurance companies are forced to stick to the old painful systems. But the modern cloud contact center solutions get integrated with your ecosystem with seamless integration capability.  

  • Real-Time Analytics To Connect Dot Between Insights And Action  

The powerful feature helps you connect the dots between insights and action. It empowers you with quick and impactful decision-making because it helps automate and deliver in-depth consumer and competitor insights. All within one place, results are simplified for professionals across any high-UGC organization, and department to access, understand, and share easily. 

  • Inbound-Outbound Calling– The Core Balancing Act For Your Customer Engagements 

An effective inbound call center solution delivers a great call routing experience to increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) Rate while an efficient outbound capability of the solution boosts customer engagement and connect rate. The call center software equipped with inbound and outbound features lets your agents work smartly and avoid manual tasks to focus more on building customer relationships.  

  • And Nevertheless- 100% Browser-Based Contact Center 

Businesses, especially post-pandemic, have realized the need for a flexible digital infrastructure for their contact centers. And that’s why having a 100% browser-based contact center is a must in the modern corporate world. A virtual call center offers the freedom to provide customer service remotely. This allows businesses to connect with customers in different locations without having to deploy a physical team in the location. So, with a 100% cloud contact center, organizations can offer a uniform quality of service over a wider geographical area without any major investments.  

  • After-Call-Work Automation To Make It Even Better

Although call disposition is an integral part of your contact center solution, it can be a real pain for agents if automation is not in place!  

Taking notes of the current call before being available for the next call sounds simple, but it can negatively affect your customer support agent’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the call center’s overall performance if neglected.  whereas in contact center automation, each call between your agents and customers gets recorded. These transcriptions & extracted information further help the agents and supervisors to derive an accurate outcome of the call for gaining actionable insights for better future engagements. 

The Key Take-Away: 

Today, having the right contact center solution is an important part of any business’s digital transformation strategy irrespective of the industry. The insurance sector is not an exception either.  

The AI-powered contact center ensures the smooth functioning of your customer support front, and therefore, the software must be in sync with the technological developments of the time. 

Currently, businesses require maximum dynamics, flexibility, and CX automation irrespective of the industry segment. And the above features provide the same abilities to your contact center. So, if you are looking for the best call center solutions, make sure that you invest in the best call center software that has these essential features.  

Why Engagely? 

Engagely is a leading total CX platform that offers a highly advanced AI-powered CX automation and cloud call center solution for businesses worldwide. With Engagely, you get customized CX automation tools to automate your contact center, social media, email, and other communications.  

Get in touch with our AI expert to start your CX transformation journey today.  

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