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How Voice Bots are Transforming the Major Industries

Automation in the sphere of customer experience is considered a game-changer in today’s intensely competitive business landscape.

AI-based solutions like chat bots and voice bots go a long way in being there for the customer. These intelligent AI-powered virtual assistants help you be there 24*7 even when your teams are not around and can provide support way better than currently human do.

This USP can help seamlessly elevate the quality of customer experience that businesses crave for. No wonder that Accenture says that 75 percent of Human Services executives agree that AI will work next to humans in their organization as a co-worker, collaborator and trusted advisor within the next two years.

Let’s take a look at some innovative uses of Voice AI that are transforming customer engagement across major industries:

1. Healthcare

Appointment scheduling is a major administrative task for many clinics and healthcare facilities. This task can be made simpler with AI-powered voice assistants.

If at a clinic patients make doctor appointments over the phone, the clinic can have a voice AI bot to take care of this routine task and allow the clinic staff to focus on more complex work. Automating scheduling is only one aspect of applying voice technology in healthcare. But just this one aspect can lead to a huge business cost reduction while delivering improved customer experience.

Also voice bot can help customize reminders about the appointments and other healthcare services and boost customer engagement effectively.


Voice bots enable a friction less and secure customer servicing experience for BFSI customers. Domains like banking need a lot of investment in customer servicing as financial matters can lead to a high volume of queries. If human agents fail to solve these queries, it raises questions about the bank’s credibility.

This is where the 24×7 support offered by voice bots comes in handy and improves customer engagement. These AI-based voice bots are available when the customers need them. The AI-driven contact centers rely on voice technology to answer most of the standard and repetitive queries faster and that too without human support.

The quick and satisfying responses to customer queries through AI-driven contact centers can undeniably raise the quality of customer engagement and support realistically.

3. E-commerce

In online retail, the shopper needs constant assurance about the credibility of the purchase they will be making. This helps to boost customer engagement. Even after they place an order, they need assurance that the package is on its way.

Voice AI helps the shoppers to get this assurance by providing them round-the-clock support to help them.

Be it cancelling an order, knowing more about a product, or tracking shipment, there are many areas where the shopper may need an agent. If the agent is an AI-driven contact center, then your brand benefits immensely. Voice AI can seamlessly automate the time-consuming standard queries to be resolved in near real-time.

4. EdTech

Many EdTech platforms are harnessing the benefits of AI techniques like NLP and ML. This has a profound effect on the quality of education administered to learners. AI tutors can dispense baseline educational concepts without any human intervention.

Leading EdTech companies use conversational AI to empower independent and flexible learning. These AI-powered voice assistants ensure better engagement with students, so that they remain longer on the apps and platforms.

The underlying technology is a voice AI assistant. The solution enables students to make most out of various learning materials like notes, assessments, and exercises.

5. FinTech

AI-powered voice assistants and chat bots can examine the user’s spending behaviour and get insights from various financial patterns. The voice assistants can provide personalized recommendations on financial products suited to user specific needs. This certainly can lead to better customer engagement.

For example, if the chat bot detects excellent financial management, it can suggest ways to build wealth with different products that have the same risk level and time horizon as other products they are invested in.

Voice AI in fintech also powers peer-to-peer payment systems. With it, users can pay utility bills, carry out money transfers, and make e-commerce purchases and there is a lot more to it.

Voice AI- An essential tool for Customer Support

Voice bots augment customer support function with its 24×7 availability. They are designed to ingest information from the customer. They then analyze the input and interpret it internally, to provide a suitable response to customer support queries.

Since the customer doesn’t have to wait in a queue for a live agent, he gets instant solutions to the specific issue he is facing. As a result, voice bots play a major role in enhancing the overall customer experience with the organization’s customer support function.

AI- voice assistants can impeccably reduce customer support costs by as much as 30%, and this is certainly a huge impetus for companies to embrace the power of voice AI.

Also, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for contact less devices seems to be boosting the demand for voice technology like never before. And thus, adopting voice AI is no more a luxury but a must have tool for businesses in today’s aggressive business terrain.

To conclude

These use cases depict the ample potential of Voice AI to change businesses as we see it.

Now that you are intrigued by voice technology, it is time to take the next step.

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