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Next-Gen AI Based Contact Center Automation

Fast-paced and effective AI call center solutions drive the modern business landscape.The fierce customer-centric competition is pushing the envelope with each passing year. So, businesses are scaling up their existing call center operations with AI Cloud Contact Center solutions.

Consequently, with increasing volumes of data and calls, global entrepreneurs are beginning to realize the severe limitations that the old call center systems pose.

Before we proceed with our exploration of call center AI solutions, let us take a brief look at the key failing points of traditional call centers in the modern business ecosystem.

Why are legacy call centers failing in the face of fast-paced & dynamic modern businesses?

Low rate of first-contact query resolution: Poor accessibility to database and overwhelmingly huge traffic makes it excruciatingly difficult for call center agents to resolve queries in the first go.

Poor personalization: It is literally impossible for call centers to deliver consistently personalized solutions 24/7 to each user. The ill-optimized workforce and unequipped agents are two main reasons why call center agents fail to engage with the customers.

Lack of real time assistance: Inadequate real-time assistance makes it difficult for the call center agents to offer quick and accurate solutions. As the agents are largely occupied with res

Large call volumes: Poor resource allocation further strains the call centers under stressful conditions such as high call volumes. In such situations, call centers typically face a huge number of call drops.

AI transforms call centers into next gen AI cloud contact center

In the light of rising customer expectations, AI based Cloud Contact Center comes as a sigh of relief for businesses. Previously, upgrading a call center involved a huge investment in resources and infrastructure. Things are quite different today.

Thanks to AI Automation, call centers can now be upgraded with super-fast and accurate AI Cloud Contact Center solutions without eliminating the existing architecture.

Let us take a closer look at the amazing features of the next gen AI Cloud Contact Center.

Automated IVR solutions: AI Cloud Contact Center establishes a refined contact point with automated IVR solutions. The customer queries are addressed with intuitive voice-based responses and accurately routed to the corresponding agent for query resolution.

AI Driven inbound-outbound calling: The AI Contact Center Solution automatizes the entire inbound-outbound system and scales up its ability to handle several sessions simultaneously. Thus, the average waiting time is brought down from endless minutes to mere seconds.

Agent assist for high efficiency: The AI Cloud Contact Centers houses an Agent Assist that offers real-time assistance to human agents. This simplifies the task force and enhances efficiency and productivity.

Reduced waiting time: When it comes to Cloud Contact Centers, the waiting time has  been reduced drastically. Due to large call handling bandwidth and AI based precision, the customers can connect from all channels and get instant solutions day in day out.

Single window console:A single window console unifies all the channels serving as a unified dashboard for information across all channels. This empowers agents with a 360 degree view of  crucial information on a single window dashboard. This saves up lots of time that was previously wasted on browsing data from numerous sources.’s cloud contact center solutions come into the picture

The holistic impact of Contact Center AI solutions is not a mystery!’s Cloud Contact Centers are leading a complete transformation of traditional call centers.

The comprehensive suite of’s products are leading a digital transformation that was previously unmatched. AI Automation products and Cloud Contact Center solutions offer an overall transformation of how businesses communicate with their customers.

The below KPIs indicate the tremendous efficiency of’s Cloud Contact Center solutions.

1. Query Resolution Accuracy: 90%

2. Drop in Operational Costs: 40%

3. Real-Time Query Categorization for Agent: 85%

4. CSAT: 5-20 %

If your business call center point requires a next-gen upgrade, then’s cloud contact center is the right fit for you. To know more about the groundbreaking features of’s cloud contact center solutions, visit our website

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