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Simplifying Ecommerce with Advanced AI Based Voice Automation Bot

Even though brick and mortar stores still remain an option, more and more people are inclined towards shopping opportunities that are fast, convenient, and accessible. This is one of the reasons why Ecommerce has grown rapidly in recent years. In fact, there are various Ecommerce trends rolled out in the market in the hopes of attracting more customers. Amongst all the trends, voice AI manages to top the list. It is believed that 72% of people who have a voice-activated speaker tend to use such device as a part of their daily lives. And around 25% of consumers have made a purchase using some kind of digital assistance. So, as an Ecommerce business owner, voice technology is something you cannot afford to lose out on.

Besides offering the consumers a convenient and easier way to make purchases, voice technology in devices like TV, car, etc., can open the door for real revenue generation for companies from various sectors.

In short, voice AI is here to stay, and voice commerce is expected to grow more than $80billion per year by 2023. So, if you haven’t shifted to voice commerce yet, now is the time to.

What is Voice Commerce? 

Consumers weren’t interested in waiting then and aren’t interested in waiting now either. But something that has changed through the course of the years is the way we do our searches.

A couple of years ago, it was finding the best brick and mortar store nearby, but now it is finding a reliable store online – but not by typing the details, but by giving commands using “speech” to search for things on the internet.

The searcher can speak the requirements on the device to get an answer or to get a demand fulfilled.

How is voice AI changing the way we think about shopping?

Voice technology is changing more than just how and where we shop; it is changing the way we think about shopping, too.

A survey conducted by Coupon Follow on over 1000 customers found that the most-popular voice-command shopping activities were creating shopping lists, browsing for new products, searching for reviews of the products, and purchasing the products. The best thing here is that all of these activities were done promptly, more efficiently, in a personalized fashion, and most importantly, hands-free using voice-shopping. 

1. Offers personalized shopping experience

Voice AI solution has the ability to offer users something more than what standard Ecommerce is able to provide, that is, personalization.

Voice AI can save past order histories to make future ordering quick and easy. It can also set specific preferences as filters and offer the users relevant recommendations using the past histories.

Such a process only enhances customer engagement and, eventually, the overall customer experience. 

2. Sharing feedback made easy for shoppers

Chat bots powered by AI can be used to automate communications with customers. In fact, they stimulate the interaction that seems quite human-like. Many people believe that speaking to an AI or automated IVR seems more like a normal conversation they have with family or friends.

Due to such an incredible feature, it becomes possible to use AI in various ways to engage with customers, such as guiding customers, taking feed-backs in real-time, etc.

3. Voice is faster than typing

As we mentioned before, customers are looking for things that make their shopping fast, convenient, and accessible. Ecommerce proves one of the best contenders here. But when combined with voice, Ecommerce makes it easy for customers to make the search process even faster.

For instance, one no longer has to type a thing. Just click the “speech to text,” and you are good to go. Even though you save a minute barely here, but it proves highly faster.

4. Comfortable experience for the shopper 

Voice Bots have changed a lot, especially since their inception. The developers are continuously working on these AIs to enhance their features for everyday usage.

In fact, people want their assistants to understand their purchase preferences and make a routine purchase on their behalf. 

5. Strengthens brand connection 

The brand connection is the heart of your business, and it helps to differentiate your business and position it in the marketplace. Consumers are more biased towards brands that connect with them in some way or another. Voice AI, being an ultimate conversation tool, helps in doing exactly the same.

With an AI-powered voice assistant, you can create a customer support contact center of the future.

Signing off

Well, it is evident that Voice AI has the potential to transform the future of your E-commerce business in a significant manner.

So, wait no more and meet the voice tech experts at to transform your business today. We have all the tools and expertise required to generate a custom voice assistant so your brand can have a consistent voice online. Or let us know how we can guide you to bring your voice strategy to life. Plus, the repetitive tasks can be handled seamlessly by our customized voice bots, allowing your team to focus on the important aspects of the business.

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