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Top 4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

Contact centers or customer support centers have always been the most challenging cost factor for any organization. They not only have to take care of high workloads but also require generating and tackling high volumes of data on a daily basis.

Only a contact center that has sufficient resources and empowering agents is capable of delivering an excellent customer experience on a regular basis.

And when we say sufficient resources, we not only mean the latest equipment but the latest technologies, too, such as the implementation of Voice AI-Cloud contact center for your organization.

In today’s competitive era, there are various new trends employed by the organizations to prevent painful IVRs, long wait times and irrelevant delivery of information to the customers.

And since customers play a huge role in the whole process of business’s marketing activities, in the first place, Voice AI-powered contact centers prove a boon. It gives a much-needed boost to the contact centers, solves various pressing problems while ensuring that the newly introduced customer service capabilities can dramatically enhance the customer experience and customer engagement.

How is AI transforming cloud contact centers?

AI has evidently transformed countless technology applications. In recent years, many organizations have witnessed substantial benefits of voice AI in cloud contact centers, too. Along with faster processing and round the clock availability, voice AI manages to offer new possibilities, too, such as:

1. Fixes IVR frustrations 

You may not realize this, but the voice recognition itself has the capability of assisting in skipping the tedious IVR lists. But still, customers tend to get frustrated with voice enabled IVR. Thankfully automated IVR, including natural language processing, can comprehend what the customer actually wants to convey through the call.

With such a process, the customers end up getting assistance as they expect right there and then or get passed on to a customer support center agent who has the right expertise.  

2. Ensures around the clock responses 

Unlike humans, bots don’t need rest, sleeps or even days off. When it comes to SMEs, they are more likely inclined towards the feature of offering 24/7 support but doing so can prove an extremely challenging and costly affair.

But with the combining voice AI solution and customer support center together, SMEs can easily leverage their process without spending a fortune on hiring an expert. Definitely, live agents will always be needed in the organization, but voice AI can tackle repetitive tasks and even be available at odd hours and holidays.

3. Live agents get better at addressing problems

Besides helping customers, AI-driven contact centers can also guide the live agents resolve customer queries more efficiently. For instance, AI can offer solution in real-time on the basis of the analysis performed on the customer’s past interactions. The rich and actionable insights can help address customer queries better and faster.

Furthermore, AI is capable of suggesting the most useful answers to customer queries based on aggregated customer interactions. Such information can be fed into FAQ and knowledge-based sections, enabling both external customers and internal agents to refer to the same. With added efficiency, there is a boost in customer engagement without adding any extra expenses.   

4. Better understanding of customer intent

AI does more than just parse voice inputs; it understands the customer’s true intentions. Now, you may be curious to know how a conversational AI platform goes about that.

Conversational AI platform with the help of machine learning and natural language processing to glean insights into the real intentions for the call, again, based on analysis of past customer interactions.

The role of’s Voice AI cloud-based platform-, the leading Customer Engagement Automation Platform has recently launched the AI powered contact center automation platform on the cloud to deliver personalized and humanized customer experience. A truly Omnichannel Platform, automates engagement across all modern enterprise channels like Voice, Whats App, Email, Website, App, and Social media.

Signing off

Any firm that is looking forward to harnessing the complete power of AI for their contact centers must take a step back and approach the AI-powered cloud contact center solutions, for the fact that how revolutionizing it is. This is because AI has the capability to improve your existing processes and even offer an opportunity to re-imagine your contact centers.

So, connect with the experts at today.

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