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Why Are Modern Businesses Automatizing Their Email Journeys

Around 78% of marketers around the world said that email communication was important for overall company success, therefore making it one of the most effective marketing channels.

Email communication helps in delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. However, this essential customer support tool can prove a threat to your business’s overall efficiency, especially if you receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails per day and have no proper process to answer those. Manually answering the high quantity of emails can prove both tiring and time-consuming; besides, there is an added operational cost and resource productivity.

Thankfully utilizing a powerful email automation platform can do the trick, just right. It can nurture the lead and drive sales from both potential customers and the existing ones.

Why email automation?

It is believed that businesses send and receive thousands of emails per day. And the count is expected to grow in coming years. This number tells us that businesses have a lot of emails to tackle on a daily basis.

By fully automating the email process, businesses can enhance their customer engagement game easily. The email sender bot eliminates the manual work by intelligently segregating and assigning emails as well as replying to them using the self-learning feature. Your business can gain accurate and rapid resolution to customer emails.

What’s more? An email bot is capable of creating and delivering customized messages as a response to customer queries. This means there are no pre-canned auto-responses that sounds highly stiff and unemotional. And since 90% of customers favour personalized content, investment in an email automation platform can prove a boon to your customer support.

Key benefits of automatizing email journeys 

With email automation, it becomes possible to:

Enhance customer retention rate

As a marketer or business owner, you might know that selling to an existing customer is quite easy than attracting and converting a new one. Email automation platform enables you to stay in touch with the existing customers better than ever before. You can easily schedule your messages, so your customers know you exist and don’t forget you just because they didn’t hear from you.

Increased scalability

The best thing about automated emails is their scalability. Your customers are automatically integrated into your system as soon as they perform any type of actions that you wish to track. Customer behavior is used by the email bot to send exactly what your customer wants to hear from you within the limited resources, boosting the overall customer experience.

Personalize the response

Automation helps you to get back to your customers on time without sounding robotic, thanks to the innovative email bots! The replies are sent based on the content of the email,

so that you can get back to the customers, based on their personal needs by referring to their history, behavior, interests, and preferences.

The must have features of an email automation platform 

1. Email ticketing system – With the Email ticketing system your email workflow is converted into organized tickets so the customer issues and requests can be managed and tracked easily from one single place.

2. System integration – The platform that allows seamless system integration allows the service provider to get connected with your own platform, marketing sales or CRM tools. This way, the data can be synced, enabling a customized system and intelligent virtual assistant.

3. Data cleansing and intent identification – This feature detects and rectifies untrustworthy, inaccurate, and outdated information to enhance the intent identification, therefore enabling the process of personalized response. In the case of complex scenarios, the email bots assign the email as per the agent’s expertise for added resource utilization.

4. Cross-channel content – Enables the connection on different channels without losing the context of the scenario. This way, the resolution time is decreased, and customer engagement is enhanced.

5. Easy-to-use interface – The easy-to-use interface of the email bot makes it possible for your team to access the platform without the requirement of any formal training or technical knowledge. This means you don’t have to spend resources on training sessions.

6. Low code platform – The low code platform of email bot keeps you and your staff away from traditional hand-coded computer programming. The visual interface with simple logic and drag-and-drop feature makes the email automation platform a worthy investment.

Wrapping up

Amongst various opportunities available to grow the business, email marketing strategy proves to be the most impactful one. When automated correctly, email marketing can garner better results without having to spend time working on it over and over again.

So, wait no more and connect with the passionate team of experts at for seamless integration of email automation and service deployment as per your preference. We can put an end to repetitive interactions and manual workflows and offer the smart Email automation solution.

Akshada Benke

Senior content developer- Marketing

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