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Why No-code? Everything You Need to Know About a No-code Platform

No-code development platforms have made a strong impact across industry verticals. Be it technology or healthcare, many organizations are fast moving away from high code development due to the various challenges it poses that includes-

a. Slower time to market

b. Higher cost overheads for development, testing, and release

c. Need for skilled resources

d. Requirement of technical expertise

While these issues may add to the complexities of high code programming, these are the specific problems that a No-code Conversational AI platform strives to eliminate.

No wonder that we see a rapid rise of No-code journey builder platforms and software in the market.

A research report states that the global no-code development platform market size will gallop from USD 12.7 billion in 2020 to USD 68.05 billion by 2028. This translates to an annual CAGR of 24.2% for the same time period.

So what exactly is a no-code platform, and how it will have a significant impact on business bottom lines? Let’s take a look.

What is a No code platform?

As compared to dedicated programming skills needed for high code development, things are (refreshingly) different with a No-code development platform. With a no-code platform, business users can develop enterprise-grade journeys and apps without the need for programming skills. It can be deployed in quick time at minimal costs, as compared to high code development.

A good No-code development platform offers a lot of visual elements that help users in the development process. These include easy to use drag-and-drop functionality and ready-to-use elements to accelerate the development process.

Whether you want to power up the customer support function or get more ROI from customer engagement, such feature can go a long way in helping you meet your objectives.

Benefits of a No-code Conversational AI platform

1. Faster Delivery of Applications

Enterprises often feel impeded by a lack of technical skills to implement robust and secure features in their business applications. This disadvantage no longer holds them back. They can now deploy high-performance Conversational AI for customer support and customer engagement in a jiffy.

They can now release enterprise-grade solutions without writing a single line of code. Yes, this is made possible by the integration of No-code platforms into your customer support and engagement strategy.

Many organizations report that developing simple business applications is a matter of a few hours. Plus, complex business applications need not take more than just a few days or some weeks with a No-code development platform. All this without impacting customer experience post-release.

Compared to the many months of high code programming ETAs, such timelines from a no-code conversational AI platform definitely speed up product release and version upgrades substantially.

2. Quick Response to Change Management

The agility and speed offered by the No-code development platform are one of the key reasons for the massive shift to no-code platforms from high code development. Business users are aware of the evolving customer demands and preferences. This scenario calls for constant updates to the business applications to drive customer experience in the right direction.

But with high code development, the iterations may take long to implement. The number of touchpoints and the extensive coding will make it unfeasible to enable a quick response to change management. This issue may impact customer support function and hinder positive customer engagement.

This is why a No-code development platform is better. It allows non-technical users to carry out the changes and deploy the updated version of the journey in a quick time.

3. Better productivity

A No-code Conversational AI platform eliminates time-consuming steps at every milestone of application development. Teams can test out ideas quickly. They can carry out improvements if the ideas don’t work, or they can release it fast if the ideas look viable.

This way, the team can be productive without compromising the customer engagement or overall customer experience.

The entire process of business application development becomes fast and iterative. Also, the team can be better utilized on other complex projects with the time they free up due to not having to write lines of coding for product development using Artificial Intelligence.

4. Reduces workload of resources

The IT team benefits significantly from the no-code development platform. They need to hire and train dedicated programming resources as needed for high code development.

Organizations can save on cost overheads for IT setup and managerial supervision too. Plus, the existing in-house team can easily save a phenomenal amount of time needed to bring a conversational AI product to market. This way, No-code platforms decrease the workload of the resources and enable them to utilize their IT skills on more complex tasks.

5. Cost-effectiveness

High code development calls for skilled programmers who can turn out to be high-cost resources. This drains out the organization’s profitability. Over the long term, the cost increases exponentially to make it an unviable proposition.

So, no-code platforms emerge as a viable alternative if you consider the long-term impact on business bottom lines.


No-code development platforms can deliver these benefits only if you get on board a no-code business application development. Enabled with the No-Code platform and advanced NLP, integrates seamlessly into clients’ existing systems in a short time to provide an enriching experience to the business users.

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Why wait? Get started today to harness the many advantages offered by a No-code development platform.

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