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How To Choose The Right CX Automation Tools – Voice bots vs Chatbots?

CX automation can help you boost the overall efficiency of your business operations. It simplifies time-consuming customer support and service activities while improving customer support representatives’ performance with reduced costs. This is why most businesses are now looking to transform their contact centres with AI-powered solutions.

When it comes to AI for CX automation, voice bots and chat bots are currently the leading tools that businesses are keen to implement in their contact centre infrastructure. Voicebots and chatbots are currently assisting businesses across top industries such as banking, insurance, real estate, travel, education, healthcare, finance and more. 

An MIT Technology Review also found that nearly 80% of respondents are experiencing improvement in customer satisfaction since they implemented conversational AI tools that includes AI powered voicebots and chatbots. 

So, if you are wondering whether and how to implement voicebots and chatbots in your business structure, you’re at the right place. All you need to do is read on to find out how these tools work and what’s the best way to implement these conversational AI tools. 

What is Voice bot and its applications?

A voicebot is an AI tool that can decipher customers’ voice responses and provide resolutions via an AI-based voicebot. It is mainly used to automate phone call-based customer support and sales activities, allowing businesses to provide human-like voice-based customer service without adding up the workload on the agents. With voice bots in place, customers no longer have to go through complicated IVR options. They can directly connect to a voicebot and quickly access the various services via a simple and intelligent voice-based response system. Businesses can also effortlessly provide voice-based 24/7 customer support in real time. 

So overall, voice bots are quite successful in all their applications within the business structure. From customer support and experience to lead generation and agent training, voice bots can simplify complex processes to boost the overall growth of a business. 

What is a Chatbot and its applications?

An AI chatbot is much similar to a voicebot in terms of efficiency and overall performance. But unlike the voicebot, chatbots use a text-based response system to provide the various services. AI chatbots are currently used to assist customers and clients on business websites, mobile applications and social media channels, providing a quick access support system where the customers can directly access the services without having to call or email. The customers can directly type in their questions, and the AI chatbot will quickly respond with effective resolutions in real time. 

Chat bots are also used for internal agent assistance and training programs. With chat bots, agents get quick access to various tools and resolutions, allowing them to provide quicker customer service and overall experience. Currently, chat bots are already in use in various top industries such as travel & hospitality, e-commerce, banking & finance, healthcare, ed tech and more. Overall, chatbots are also quite efficient tools that can automate CX and agent training processes delivering better results with minimal investments. 

Difference Between Voice bots and Chat bots

Contribution of Voice bots and Chatbots in various Industries

According to a research paper from PWC, chatbots and voice assistants are the most common answers they got when they asked executives about which AI-powered solutions are having the largest impact on their businesses. Several experts suggest that almost half of all large companies are already using conversational AI for various IT solutions, customer services, and administrative solutions. Gartner also predicts that up to 50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on voicebots and chatbots by the end of this year. 

The trends are also healthy on the customers’ side. Studies show that more than 69% of customers prefer to use chat bots due to quicker access to customer support. So overall, it is clear that an AI-based voice bot and chat bot are successful solutions, and they are here to stay for the years ahead. Both the consumers and the organisations are currently benefiting from the speed, accuracy, and overall convenience these conversational AI solutions are offering. 

So, if you are looking to transform your contact centre with modern AI-powered solutions, now is the best time to do it. 

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